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We also have tons of self-care and mental health resources to help get you through the crisis on Pinterest. Epidemic : A disease is considered to be an epidemic when it affects a large of individuals within a population, community, or region at the same time.

Isolation: Isolation helps protect the public by preventing exposure to people who have or may have a contagious disease. For parents of kids in Kindergarten through 5th Grade, here are some resources and tools to help your child with remote learning and to create fun ways to help them transition. They maintain the health and welfare of the community. See below for self-isolation. Person-to-Person : This means the virus has been transmitted due to close contact between people. Sometimes it is referred to as artificial respiration.

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Contagious : A disease is contagious when it spre from one person to another by direct or indirect contact. We recognized the need for a strong, cohesive effort to ensure South Plains families could get the help they needed. Below is a list of resources to help from basic self-care to dealing with substance abuse. Infectious : A disease is considered infectious if it is likely to be transmitted to people, organisms, etc.

The Centers conduct critical science and provide health information that protects our nation against expensive and dangerous health threats, and respond when these arise. Self-quarantining or self-isolating differs from isolation and quarantine which are both done under the orders of a medical professional.

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Here's some ideas to help you stay healthy and take care of your mental health. In some instances, you may be able to go outside but not gather in large groups and social-distancing should still be observed. Ventilator : A ventilator is a machine that mechanically helps a patient to breathe. Text " Texaskids" to PBS Kids Lubbock Learning Neighborhood is a group for parents, educators, and childcare providers to connect, share resources, and learn together!

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Learning to adapt to our new reality is difficult. Furlough : Temporary leave of employee due to the special needs of a company or employer.

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Lubbock Public Library has new digital books to help your kids learn about these topics. Shelter in Place: This is what you would be asked to do in the event of a chemical, biological, or radiological contaminant being released into the environment. Check out the resources below, and visit our Pinterest for many more.

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Lubbock Area United Way is working with our Community Partners, local government, school districts, and other community stakeholders to address the numerous complexities surrounding the COVID outbreak. This can include physical contact with another person or being in close quarters with someone who has the disease when they cough or sneeze. Stay at Home : A stay at home order may be given by local, state, or federal government requiring individuals and families to stay in their homes except for essential activities such as going to the grocery store or the doctor.

When someone is in isolation, it meals they are sick with a contagious disease and they have been separated from people who are not sick by medical professionals.

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Looking for ways to explain germs and sickness to your kids? PPE or Personal Protective Equipment : Protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garments or equipment deed to protect the wearer's body from injury or infection. Essential Services: Essential services are the services, functions, and businesses that are absolutely necessary to the functioning of a community, even during a pandemic. Click the link or call We are continuing to keep this up-to-date with local resources for our South Plains residents in response to the COVID pandemic. Asymptomatic : This term is used when someone has the virus but is producing or showing no symptoms.

Stress, anxiety, and instability affects us and our families.

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As we work to create solutions, know that we are keeping the safety and wellbeing of everyone on the South Plains at the forefront and will communicate accordingly. The public would be asked to remain where they are at the time of the shelter in place order not to return hometo close windows and air vents, and to turn off air conditioning and heating systems, etc. When someone is in quarantine, they are separated from others who have not been exposed to the contagious disease, and their movements are restricted. Hey parents and caregivers, we want to help you find the resources and tools you need to care for your family during these difficult times.

Flatten the Curve : Refers to community isolation measures, such as social distancing and sheltering at homethat keep the daily of disease cases at a manageable level. Let's face it, none of us really know how to talk to our kids about what is happening. Someone might choose to self-quarantine or self-isolate if he or she or a member of their family is an especially high risk for the disease.

They amplified. Please click on the link below for more specific information about your school's guidelines and protocols. People who work in essential servicessuch as medical personnel may leave their homes. With Bright by Text, you can. COVID is one type of coronavirus. For parents of preteens and teenagers, here is some useful information and resources on how to help middle and high school students with this new way of learning. adult phone chat lubbock

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You can also check out our Mental Health Resources with information about telehealth and online counseling options and resources for substance abuse and youth. The problems in our community did not change or disappear. It's especially important to remember with these little ones to give yourself and them a lot of grace. Community Spread : Simply put, the spread of a disease in a certain area or community.

See below for self-quarantine. Social Distancing : Social distancing is a way of preventing the spread of contagious illnesses.

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We began pulling together a virtual response and resource center with COVID updates from state and local government and school districts, information on food, bill assistance, local resources, mental health services, and parent resources. Immunocompromised : Your immune system is considered compromised when your body does not have the optimal ability to defend against illnesses, such as COVID Immunity : Your immunity is your ability to resist a particular infection or toxin. Symptomatic : Someone showing symptoms of a particular illness or disease is considered to be symptomatic.

For parents of kids ageshere are educational resources and ideas on creative ways to engage young children.

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When there is a pandemic, WHO:. We're better parents when we're taking care of our own mental health. Walmart and Amazon are the first retailers to the pilot in Texas, starting May There is no doubt that this is a difficult time for most of us. Domestic Abuse Hotline National Child Abuse Hotline Senior adult phone chat lubbock Adult Abuse Hotline Sexual Assault Hotline RAPE or Texas Abuse Hotline Please click on the link below for more specific information about your school district's guidelines and protocols.

Quarantine: Medical professionals will place someone in quarantine when he or she has been exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick. United we change the conversation about mental health. Screening : Screening is a strategy used to look for risk markers of a certain disease. Here's some support from the experts on what to say and do to help our children understand the crisis and what it means for our families. If you know of a resource or update not included here, please reach out to us at marketing liveunitedlubbock. One of the most important things we can all do right now is taking care of our mental health.

It means staying inside and keeping a generous amount of personal space, about 6 feet, between you and another person. Chloroquine : A drug-related to quinolone which has been used against malaria. Outbreak : When there is an outbreak of a disease, it means there is a higher-than-normal rate of occurrence of a disease in a given area. Adult phone chat lubbock encourage everyone to rally to support the South Plains as we walk through this health crisis together. You may find yourself in need of someone to talk to.

Lubbock ISD has provided a resource with fun and educational ways to help your kids learn online. Coronavirus : Coronavirus is a term for a large family of viruses that include SARS and other minor to major respiratory illnesses. Want to get parenting tips, developmental information, educational information, and more sent right to your phone. In the case of a disease outbreak such as the COVIDa stay at home order may be given to slow community spread.

A shelter in place order is different from a stay at home order and would not be used to address the COVID outbreak. We can only do the best we can for ourselves, our families, our coworkers, and our neighbors. From having difficult conversations with your kids about COVID to taking care of everyone's mental health to educational tools - our aim is to offer you some hope and inspiration to get through this trying time.

Contact Tracing : Contact tracing is the practice of identifying and monitoring individuals who may have had contact with an infectious person.