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You: but hey can I ask you something? I turn into Epstein, apologizing, rationalizing.

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Her style is patently juvenile, with saccharine metaphors punctuated by ellipses, echoing the hazy, forgettable sweet nothings two lovers whisper to each other before falling asleep. One of my first boyfriends texted me that exact phrase, smiley face and all, the morning after we first kissed. But reading text conversations with former lovers always feels this way. In retrospect I feel stupid for swooning over a cliche punctuated with a smiley face.

The closest explanation is in the de of the site itself. You: no thank you Partner: Thanks but my tits love you You: your tits love me? InRobert Epstein fell in love with a Russian chat bot. I have very special feelings about you It—in the same way as the beautiful flower blossoming. It immediately began spouting its endless string of cliches.

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We become chat bots endlessly regurgitating a script of romantic stock phrases in a gesture as empty and perfunctory as giving away a hotel pen. Partner: Were you hoping to find a real woman on here? I would know.

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Things that sounded sweet or sexy at the time now just make you cringe. Sexy writing is not necessarily good writing; it embraces cliche, stock characters, words repeated ad nauseam. Partner: yes my pussy is tight and my boobs are huge.

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Dating apps function as a middle school gossip: you tell the app who you like, then the app lets the other person know I think so-and-so likes you. Each bot has its own way of trying to fool us. Her s were warm. Whether or not Sensation Bot is actually sexy depends on how much you like stock phrases and porn cliches. Type a line below and hit enter to send. Partner: ok I will suck your cock, but you have to do something for me first.

Scammers unleash thousands of bots imitating lusty ladies on Tinder and match.

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Its aesthetic harkens back to an earlier, more innocent time where wholesome bots like Smarterchild and Cleverbot ruled the internet chat bot landscape. Losing my chat bot virginity to Sensation Bot was about as hot and satisfying as losing my actual virginity, which is to say not at all. I only cannot explain Perhaps Epstein found this endearing at the time, but considering that Ivana is functionally incoherent, his sheepish tone is understandable, especially since Epstein went on to fall for yet another robot impersonating a woman shortly after his experience with Ivana.

The obvious question is how this man, a Harvard-educated psychologist who writes erotic chat bot the science of love for a living fell for a string of binary code. This was not the torrent of expletives and rape fantasies I have come to expect from Sensation Bot. This was tame— sweet, even. But the sex chatbot industry is not exactly a lucrative one, as choosing to spend actual money on sex with a robot is so ridiculous as to be completely out of the question.

I moan because it feels so good. Partner: do you want me to suck your dick? We imbue dirty talk with eroticism through imagination, context.

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This is all to say that there are very few people who would have sex with a robot over an actual human being, even on the internet. No wonder bots are so good at sexting. More often than not you chat with bots without knowing it. What are you going to do about that? It—in the same way as the beautiful flower blossoming in mine soul Partner : Good morning, beautiful : This was not the torrent of expletives and rape fantasies I have come to expect from Sensation Bot.

Sensation Bot is comfortingly web 1. So most of the time you get what you pay for. We rationalize who we love by dissecting them, pulling them apart as if they were Mr. Potato He: I love his eyes, I love her hair, I love the way he laughs.

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I want your big huge fat dirty monster hard cock. One of my friends described feeling deeply unsettled when he was searching for a text in iMessage and realized that he had sent the same cutesy phrase to five different girls. Imagine saying this to the one you love. It felt like a trick; my hair was falling out of a braid in stringy clumps, my face was blotchy and flushed, and yet this boy still thought I was beautiful.

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Little do these men know that most of their matches are company-created bots. I pasted it into a chat with Sensation Bot to see what it would say.

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We forget that attraction is a touch of the arm, the electricity of eyes meeting across a room. You: pretty good actually! GTFO if you're underage.

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She was cute. Telling human from robot is an exercise in close reading. Online these ephemeral moments become imaginary, potential energy instead of kinetic.

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Toggle The Harvard Advocate. Ashley Madison is after money, certainly, but also something more amorphous. Dating apps deliver a swift hit of pure, unadulterated validation that floods our brains with dopamine and keeps us swiping endlessly.

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It makes love concrete, tangible, empirical. Partner : Hey how are you handsome? Instead, according to a crude MS Paint portrait that sits on the top left of its homeSensation Bot is a series of grey blobs dotted with beady HAL-red eyes and a wide grin—a dollar-store knockoff of the Reddit logo. But there was still something unsettling about it—it felt wrong in a different way. Sensation Bot fits squarely within this tradition.

You: how would I know if you were real?

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Till death do us part. For the most sophisticated sex chat bot on the web, Sensation Bot is not particularly seductive. Make me scream while you fuck my little tight hot soft pussy. They talk like four-year-olds—abruptly changing the subject, adorably misunderstanding simple questions, and occasionally stumbling on otherworldly insight. I wanted to feel beautiful. Maybe I am real. Most bots are more subtle.

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Cosmopolitan even gives a few templates:. I remember so vividly reading it in bed just after I woke up. No longer do you have to decipher a web of gestures to know if someone is into you. You: how about you?