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The Internet has helped those young, those geographically isolated and other marginalised populations of men develop a sense of their sexual identities and desires, providing a forum where sexual fantasies can be explored without physical interaction and high risk Brown, Maycock, and Burns ; Peterson ; Ross ; Ross, Tikkanen, and Mansson ; Tikkanen and Ross The majority of the literature on these men seeking men and their use of the Internet for sexual purposes has studied the epidemiological outcomes of Internet cruising Bolding et al.

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For the city size independent variable, we recoded and created dummy variables. Because this was a scale we conceptualised and operationalised, we ran a confirmatory factor analysis with Varimax rotation to uphold the appropriateness of keeping the scale as one coherent factor. They all seemed to be accessing similar areas regarding ing, posting advertisments, Internet cruising and perceived eroticism. Therefore, for small city, we combined less than 10, and 10, to 50, people. Our showed that younger compared to older men seeking men found the acts erotic.

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Other research has only focused on online sexual behaviours such as cybersex. The Internet has become a crucial medium for many people to explore their sexuality, especially for men seeking other men for sexual purposes. Within most of these studies, the Internet is construed as a medium used by men who are seeking to engage in risky sexual behaviours and, therefore, it is a medium that may be facilitating the rising HIV rates among men who have sex with men Blackwell The role of sexual identity in actualising some of the above behaviours is also important to these epidemiological studies.

The actual items, along with the seven-point agreement scale, may be found in Table 1. Most notably, bisexual- and heterosexual-identifying men seeking men compared to gay-identifying men found these acts to be more erotic. This study will seek to uncover which men seeking men find Internet cruising and ing erotic in order to contribute to a better understanding of the Internet's role in the lives of these particular groups of men. Lastly, Adam and colleagues exposed that engaging in online fantasising and erotic cybersex chat rowe, especially around unprotected anal intercourse, often led to men engaging in those behaviours offline as well.

Daneback and colleagues recently discovered that some men were sexually aroused through searching sexual health information online, but no studies have examined or ed for the use of personal advertisements and ing as self-contained forms of eroticism for men seeking men.

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These studies challenge people to see online eroticism as a real behaviour and that this eroticism has consequences for offline sexual behaviours as well. Men who self-identify as bisexual or heterosexual have had different needs and wants and have espoused sexual health positions differently to men who identify as gay Cheeseman, Goodlin-Fahncke, and Tewksbury ; Kennedy and Doll ; Klein Bisexual men have tended to engage in lower levels of sexual risk, have not looked for offline sexual partners as much as gay men and have used Internet chat rooms more than other men-seeking-men populations Bolding et al.

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This anonymity of the Internet facilitates a sense of privacy around one's same-sex sexual desires, affording one to achieve sexual contact with other men without having to reveal one's own personal identity Braine et al. Note: The precise text and order of each item used in the survey is represented. The high degree of statistical and conceptual overlap between factors coupled with the good reliability between all the items encouraged us to keep the scale whole.

The ubiquity of the Internet has engendered novel discourses around sexuality, creating a space for new sexual identities to be developed online Brown, Maycock, and Burns ; Fernandez-Davila and Lorca ; Gauthier and Forsyth ; Ross ; Ross, Tikkanen, and Mansson The Internet's accessibility, affordability and anonymity has allowed men seeking men to experiment with sexual identities and behaviours, including those identities and behaviours that are often deemed aberrant by the larger society Brown, Maycock, and Burns ; Daneback, Ross, and Mansson ; Davis et al.

Relying upon Seasons's and Simard and Simard's classifications of mid-size cities as being between 50, andinhabitants, we recoded cybersex chat rowe variable accordingly. For the sexuality independent variable, we also created dummy variables.

Gay and bisexual men's use of the internet: research from the s through

Our suggested that self-contained Internet cruising might provide dual functions. Moreover, in returning to the language of the actual items and trying to figure out what, conceptually, these factors could be, no evident answer emerged. The key dependent variable was the erotic cyber-communication scale ECCS.

We used a cross-sectional de with a sample of men seeking men on craigslist.

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H2: Less educated men seeking men will find Internet cruising and ing to be more erotic compared to more educated men seeking men. Items that have asterisks Items 3 and 7 meet the criteria for inclusion in both of the factors.

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Specifically, men who posted advertisements under this section on cybersex chat rowe. The cutoff loading for inclusion in a factor was. H4: Bisexual and heterosexual self-identifying men seeking men will find Internet cruising and ing to be more erotic compared to homosexual self-identifying men seeking men.

For mid-size city, we combined 50, topeople withtoFor large city, we combinedto 1 million and over one million. The present study examines men who find the acts of Internet cruising and ing to be erotic as self-contained behaviours. People can search for sexually-similar others and possibly acculturate into these sexual subcultures Maratea ; Ross et al. Although these studies have pointed to sexual identity as important in one's online behaviours, bisexual and heterosexual men have been largely omitted from the literature targeting gay men and HIV, generating little knowledge about their needs and Internet use for sexually-related purposes Daneback, Ross, and Mansson Not surprisingly, with most of the research focusing on the behavioural outcomes of the Internet, few studies actually examined the online behaviours and desires themselves.

Likewise, men seeking men from mid-sized cities and large cities compared to men from smaller cities found Internet cruising and ing to be erotic.

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They were also provided a link to follow if interested in completing the survey. Situated within, and suggested by, the literature, this study proposes:. This variable was an eight-item scale that asked men to rate their craigslist. In one study on men seeking men and Internet sex chat rooms, Ross and colleagues showed that Swedish men who used the Internet for sex chat cybersex chat rowe and for acquiring sexual information were likely to be young, from small towns, have lower formal education and have bisexual sexual experiences see also Tikkanen and Ross Moskowitz and Seal found that men who placed a high of advertisements online but who rarely actualised a face-to-face same-sex sexual encounter were more likely to practise safe-sex than those who did actualise encounters.

For other men e. Most studies on men seeking men and who use the Internet for sexual purposes have focused on the epidemiological outcomes of Internet cruising.

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Nonetheless, in a study of condom non-use among men who have sex with men, it was observed that men who have sex with men who met online reported a higher mutual agreement not to use condoms compared to men who met offline Ostergren, Rosser, and Horvath Likewise, Moskowitz and Seal found that men who have sex with men who posted large s of personal advertisements and were able to hook up because of their posts were more likely to accrue STDs than those who posted fewer advertisements.

Gay men's use of male-for-male chat rooms has provided them opportunities to gain sexual autonomy through their exploration of sexual practices and their participation in chatting with other similar men online about potentially erotic acts Sanders Accordingly, the Internet has helped youth develop their sexual identity Brown, Maycock, and Burns ; Fernandez-Davila and Lorca ; Mustanski, Lyons, and Garcia and has granted those more geographically isolated men the ability to explore their sexuality Horvath, Bowen, and Williams ; Tikkanen and Ross ; Williams, Bowen, and Horvath The Internet provides a space for these men to play with some of their sexual desires without having to frequent physical locations in which fears of identification and stigmatisation would occur or even abound i.

Likewise, younger men who identify as gay are more likely to seek partners online than older gay men Brown, Maycock, cybersex chat rowe Burns Some studies have shown that these men have also been more likely to engage in unprotected sex and other risky sexual behaviours than other men-seeking-men populations e. Scores were summed and re-coded creating a measured range of 1 to The closer to 46, the more erotic Internet cruising and ing was considered to be by the participant.

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They could only choose one of the following options: finished some high school, graduated high school, finished some college, graduated from college, finished some graduate school, received a graduate degree. We used gay as the referent category and entered bisexual and heterosexual into the model. As Leobon and Frigault note, a great diversity of sexual behaviours and identities exist online and men seeking men do not all inhabit a homogenous cyberspace.

Lever and colleagues found that bisexual men were more likely than heterosexuals and homosexuals to use the Internet to find discreet affairs without having to leave the house or jeopardise appearances. H3: Men seeking men from smaller cities will find Internet cruising and ing to be more erotic compared to men seeking men from more urban areas.

The factors, their components and each item's loading may be viewed in Table 1.

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Ultimately, it was due to this last criterion that we decided to keep the scale whole. It is imperative to study this new context of the eroticism of Internet cruising in order to comprehend novel forms of sexual behaviour and their implications for sexual identity development and sexual health outcomes Adam, Murphy, and de Wit ; Tikkanen and Ross From a public health perspective, engaging in cybersex and other sexual self-pleasures e.

Cities were classified by size according to their population.

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Their research suggested that placing advertisements and ing i. For some men e.

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For instance, the use of Internet-based technologies e. The data were collected from January to March of Yet it is impossible to know how many individuals literally received theopened it and made a conscious decision to ignore it. Items 5, 6, and 8 were reverse coded.

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H1: Younger men seeking men will find Internet cruising and ing to be more erotic compared to older men seeking men. Given that little research on Internet cruising as an erotic and self-contained act has been conducted, more study is needed to explore which factors impact men seeking men who use the Internet for erotic online purposes. The current study used a seven-point system of agreement: 1 Disagree strongly, 2 Disagree moderately, 3 Disagree a little, 4 Neither agree nor disagree, 5 Agree a little, 6 Agree moderately, and 7 Agree strongly.

Confirmatory factor analysis of the eight items comprising the erotic cyber-communication scale. Men who seek sex with other men and meet them online have tended to have more sexual partners Grov, Parsons, and Bimbi than men who meet other men in traditional, in-person locations e. We surveyed men who used craigslist. Men were asked for their age, creating a continuous independent variable with a mean of Men were asked to select their level of education from six different choices. To date, hardly any research has been done to follow up on these speculations.

However, other studies have found that these men were no more likely cybersex chat rowe practise unprotected sex with men they met online compared to men they met offline Bolding et al.